Juliet Ibrahim Reveals ‘Evil Spirits’ Are Why She’s Yet To Find Love Again

Juliet Ibrahim Reveals ‘Evil Spirits’ Are Why She’s Yet To Find Love Again


​Months after Juliet Ibrahim’s alleged relationship with former Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubuese crumbled, the Ghanaian star has revealed she is open to finding love again.
In a new interview with Punch, the actress spoke on her relationship with her ex husband whom she had a son for, the challenges of dating especially as a celebrity, and forces that works against celebrity relationships.
“I speak with my ex-husband; it is a must we speak because we have a son together,” she said of Kwadwo Safo Jnr., her ex husband whom she was married to from 2010-2014. The pair have a son together and have since been raising him jointly, even though they have both moved on.
“Everything is fine between us,” she added. “But there is no way we are getting back together because it is in the past and he has moved on.”
In March of this year, Emmanuel Ikubuese wrote the actress a love note, confirming rumours that they were dating. But it all came tumbling down by May when she took to her Instagram to confirm she is single again.
Now she attributes failed celebrity relations to unseen forces, adding that these ‘spirits’ are not happy when stars are in relationships.
She told Punch:
“Of course I am open to love. I don’t really look out for anything in a man because I believe if the right person is there, God would definitely bring him my way and I would just feel it. I would just know. I don’t have a list of quality a man must possess. It also has to do with the man’s personality because from the first greeting, you can tell if we would click or not. I don’t really have so much I expect in a man but I know that he has to be God-fearing. With the kind of industry that I have found myself, you can only pray for a God-fearing man who would not listen to rumours.


“There are lots of evil spirits and people who are always ready to break relationships because we are in the limelight. They feel we do not deserve the best; that is what I noticed. They just don’t want us to be happy.”

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