Charly Boy To Lead 10,000 Man Anti-corruption Protest In Abuja

Charly Boy To Lead 10,000 Man Anti-corruption Protest In Abuja


​Charlie Boy’, on Tuesday declared that on Nov.15,he would lead a 10,000-man anti- corruption protest within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
He said the peaceful protest that would be tagged “Occupy Nigeria’’, would be targeted at all arms of government as well as MDAs that are failing in their responsibilities of providing good governance for the people.Part of his statement read
“In the life of every human being, there comes a moment when we must take a stand on certain matters.”

“Beginning from  Nov. 15, 2016, we, about 10,000 ordinary people with no political affiliations, will begin a series of mass protests and will occupy the nation’s capital.” “We are a coalition of people with no political affiliations and believers in the interest of our country.”

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“We also believe in the capacity of President Muhammadu Buhari to lead us in the right direction.”

“This is part of our nationalistic engagement to help President Buhari root out corruption, impunity and mindless political criminality out of the Nigerian polity.”

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