3 types of ladies you should never try to deflower

3 types of ladies you should never try to deflower


For some unknown reasons, some men enjoy going after innocent ladies who are spotless in every sense of the word. These are the ladies who are yet to discover their bodies and what pleasure they could feel if touched intimately.

In the past, the society derived so much pleasure in marrying off daughters who were virgins. As a matter of fact, ladies who were unable to keep themselves till their wedding nights were mocked.

It was a thing of pride for the women to met as virgins in those times. Men loved the fact that their wives have never been with other men before they got married to them.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of ladies of this generation who seem to have known what it feels like to have an intimate relationship with men even before they develop some features.

Some guys feel like it is totally up to them to relieve ladies of their pride. They make it look like they are helping them solve a big problem by sleeping with them. It is the dream of many ladies to keep themselves up to their wedding nights. While holding on to this dream, they let the sweet words of the men move them.

They give in to the lustful desires of men and end up giving them their treasure. However, it is not every woman that ought to be bedded. That is a mistake men keep making when they choose to think with their third leg.

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See the types of ladies you should never deflower as a guy:

1. Ladies that are clingy

Except you are ready to marry the lady, you should never attempt to deflower a lady that is clingy. Doing that means you will be getting more than you bargained for.

Ladies that are clingy tend to always find a reason to be attached to you. If you cannot control your lustful desires with a woman like that, you are definitely going to find yourself in a big mess.

2. Ladies that are opportunists

In truth, every one has a price. Making moves to deflower a lady who is an opportunist may wreck you as you will have to put up with emotional blackmails.

Ladies in this category know what they are getting into while you make moves to sleep with them. They will only allow men to sleep with them once they see they can get a lot from them in return.

3. Ladies who are fetish

Irrespective of your level of spirituality, you will not want to mess with a lady who is fetish or have relatives who are. She may end up stealing your glory during the act of intimacy.

Thinking you can take advantage of her by stealing her pride will only generate problems for you. You can preserve your future by steering clear of ladies that you think are in this category.

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